About Photostitch

Photo stitching, also known as “photo embroidery,” is a relatively new field of embroidery art in which various colors of thread are stitched together like an oil painting to create a work of art that looks like a photograph.

Our photo stitching is a machine embroidery process in which the photo to be embroidered is converted into data and sewn on a sewing machine. Unlike paintings and photographs, however, the quality of the embroidery depends on the artist’s taste and skill, as it is done with a limited number of threads in about 50 different colors.
Even an A4 size piece requires nearly 200,000 stitches, which means more than 10 hours of continuous stitching. In addition to that, there is the under-threading and maintenance of the sewing machine, so it usually takes about a week to a month to complete one piece of work.
The use of embroidery thread gives the work a glossy sheen, and the layered stitching gives the work a variety of expressions depending on the angle of view and the way the light hits it.
Unfortunately, photo stitching is a new field of art and is still not very well known. It is the owner’s hope that Photo Stitch, which can be called “embroidery painting,” will become more widely known in the world.

~I would like to introduce some of my past works.

For anniversaries

Embroidered portraits of your loved ones

If you zoom in, you can easily see the atmosphere of the embroidery.

For the moment you don’t want to forget

This is what it looks like when you zoom in.

Please take a look at our other works.

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